Onward, Internet

The U.S. cable industry had a big problem: while people love the internet, many love to hate the companies who provide it. The NCTA, the industry’s principal trade association, challenged us to shift public perspective for the better.

We tackled the challenge head-on by initiating a genuine dialogue between the NCTA and the people it serves. The effect? Thousands of real ideas and opinions have been collected thus far— valuable input that has already started making real change in the cable industry.


Featured on PFSK and New York Times


We launched a web film celebrating the incredible things the
internet has done and asked one simple question - how do
you want the internet to advance?


Through the first-ever Suggestion box for the Internet, people could digitally, socially, and physically submit their hopes, dreams and desires for the Internet.


Suggestions were featured on social channels and a digital destination, alongside corresponding articles about new internet developments.


And of course, perhaps the most rewarding part was developing, designing and illustrating an art direction that captured the playful, multi-dimensional soul of the internet.

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 4.32.42 PM.png
NCTA_DESIGN_Temperature Check.jpg

Below is the full case-study video, where you can learn more about the insight, strategy and execution behind the campaign.


Agency // POSSIBLE
Role // Senior Art Director + Designer + Illustrator